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Sepehr is the union of 6 talented and creative musicians, passionate of traditional music heritage of Iran and its neighboring countries. The story of the band started 18 years ago with the idea that the preservation of a tradition is tightly related to how living that tradition is! Since then, the knowledge and art of each member has been serving a collective curiosity which led the whole ensemble through original projects, to explore the hidden sides of Iranian classical music and open new windows to a better understanding of it.


Farid Kheradmand

Farid Kheradmand is an Iranian Tombak and Setar player and composer. Graduated of electronic engineering, he started his musical education when he was 10 with learning Tombak playing and singing with Abbas Dabestani. Later he learned the contemporary styles of Tombak playing with Jamshid Mohebbi and the Radif and Setar playing with Ali Bayani and Majid Kiani. He completed his musical education with learning Tadjik musical system with Abdolwali Abdorashidov, Setar technics with Daryush Talai and Jean During, Tombak playing with Djamchid Chemirani and Iranian ancient music with Arash Mohafez.

Ehsan Abedi

Ehsan Abedi is an Iranian Ney and Tombak player who lives in Tehran. He started learning music when he was 12 and later he completed his musical education with musicians like Reza Rabiei, Abdolnaqi Afsharnia, Jamshid Andalibi, M. Ali Hadadian and Arash Mohafez. He graduated from Tehran Art University in Iranian music studies, writing his thesis about the Ney playing methods in the Qajar period (18th and 19th).

He contributed to various live and recording projects such as Mahan, Pirouzan, Sepehr-khani and Ajam-lar (An Anthology of pieces composed by Persian composers and their contemporaries at the Ottoman court).

Parisa Kashefi

Parisa Kashefi is an Iranian Tar player living in Tehran. She began learning music at Art School and graduated from Art & Architecture University. After learning Tar with Fariborz Azizi, Dariush Pir Niakan and Hossein Alizade and learning Kamancheh for several years, she acquired a considerable knowledge in Radif, singing with Mohsen Keramati. Parisa Kashefi has collaborated with many theatre producers in Iran as musician. She has also participated in several live and recording musical projects.

Najmeh Saguir

Najmeh Saghir is an Iranian Oud player living in Tehran. Interested in the musical interconnections between Iranian music and neighboring cultures such as Turkish and Arabic musical traditions. After having made some experiences in the Iranian ethnic and folk music, she combines several Oud playing methods to develop her own style. She obtained a bachelors degree in Oud playing from Art University of Tehran and benefited from teaching of several Iranian Oud masters, she completed her musical education, learning Mandolin in Italy during one year. As a Oud player, Najmeh Saghir has participated in many live and recording projects.

Ahmad Rezakhah

Ahmad Rezakhah is a Santur player and composer who lives in Tehran. Graduated from Art university of Tehran, he now teaches at the same university. His research works are basically focused on classical styles of Santur playing.

He learned playing Santur with Pashang Kamkar, Madjid Kiani and Dariush Talai and studied composition with Paivar, Meshkatian and Motabasem. Rezakhah’s compositions are based on inherited principles of the classical music, trying to avoid the deficiencies of current trends.

Bahar Modiri

Bahar Modiri is a Tehran-based Iranian Qeychak player and singer. She started learning Piano with André Moradian at the age of thirteen. Later she learned Violon with Amir Mino-Sepehr and Qeychak (alto) with Reza Âbâï and Ardeshir Kamkâr . At the same time she started working on Iranian singing technics with Najmeh Tajadod and Gholamreza Rezâï.

She has been very appreciated and active in the Iranian national and international stages because of her notable performing capacities, playing at the same time in Iranian big orchestras such as Hamid Motebassem and Madjid Derakhshani’s ensembles and many other smaller projects.


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  • Parisa Kashefi // târ & voice
  • Najmeh Saghir // ud & voice
  • Bahar Modiri // gheychak & voice
  • Ahmad Rezakhâh // santur & voice
  • Ehsan Abedi // nay & voice
  •  Farid Kheradmand // dâyereh & voice



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